Age When Entering Care

Percent of Entries by State (2016)

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Unit: Percent of Entries into Out-of-Home Care

WA Out-of-Home Entries Under 1 Year Old


WA Rank for Percent of Infants



Across the U.S., most of the children entering out-of-home care are quite young. In fact, infants are almost always the most represented age group. In most states there is a second "hump" in the age distribution for late adolescents entering care.

Washington has a relatively high percentage of infants, and a correspondingly low percentage of adolescents entering out-of-home care.

Questions this graph can answer

  • Which states had greater proportions of adolescents entering out-of-home care?

  • What have been the most common ages of children who entered out-of-home care, and how has this differed by from state to state?

See also

  • Permanency Counts, for permanency outcomes and the ages of children who exited out-of-home care.


When looking at this visualization keep in mind that the line for each state adds up to 100%. The visualization does not compare the number of children who entered out-of-home care by state, rather it compares of the age distribution of children who entered care by state.

The visualization was adapted from and inspired by Nathan Yau's visualization of life expectancy by country.

Data source

These data comes from the National Child Abuse and Neglect Data System (NCANDS) Child File, which is part of Cornell University's National Data Archive on Child Abuse and Neglect (NDACAN) and the US Census Bureau, via the Annie E. Casey Foundation's Kids Count Data Center.

The collector of the original data, the funding agency, NDACAN, Cornell University, and the agents or employees of these institutions bear no responsibility for analyses or interpretations presented here.


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