Investigations and Assessments

Rates by Region and County

Data Highlights

Unit: Rate per 1,000 Households with Children

Highest Rate

Region 1: 75.8

Lowest Rate

Region 4: 40.11


With this map you can compare the rate at which households with children were investigated/assessed by Children's Administration following a report of child abuse or neglect by region or county.

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The allegation filter applies to allegations only, not substantiations.

Small counties often have very volatile data - high one year, low the next - due to the small population sizes. Don't read too much into small county data unless patterns are consistent across years.

To be counted in this measure, a report must have been made and then screened-in by an intake specialist. Cases that were not screened-in did not meet the statutory definition of child abuse or neglect or had no need for an assessment or an investigation.


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