Substantiated Maltreatment While in Care

Rate per 100,000 Care-Days

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Unit: Substantiations of Maltreatment per 100,000 Care-Days

Recent: July 01, 2014


Low: July 01, 2011


High: July 01, 2005



This graph shows the number of substantiated reports of abuse or neglect per 100,000 care-days provided by Children's Administration. It can be interpreted as the probability that a child will be maltreated on a given day in care (if divided by 100,000).

Questions this graph can answer

  • How safe have children in out-of-home care been?

  • How often have children in out-of-home care been abused or neglected while in care?

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These rates have been calculated by dividing the number of substantiated cases of maltreatment among children in out-of-home care in a given year by the number of out-of-home care-days for all children for that year, times 100,000. As a point of reference, approximately 2.9 million care-days were provided in 2013; 100,000 care-days represent 3% to 4% of the care-days provided in a year.

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