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Per 1,000 Households with Children

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Unit: Reports per 1,000 Households with Children

Recent: July 01, 2014


Low: August 01, 2009


High: May 01, 2013



This graph shows the rate of reports of concern for child safety made to Children's Administration. All calls to the child welfare system - those made by community members and those made by mandated reporters - have been counted. (See Notes below for how we determine if a call is regarding child safety concerns.)

Questions this graph can answer

  • Has the rate of reports of child safety concerns made to Children's Administration varied over time?
  • Has per-capita reporting of child abuse and neglect varied across Washington State?

See also

  • Screening Rate, for the rate of reports of child safety concerns that were screened-in for services.


Reports were only counted if there had been more than 48 hours since the previous report about the same household.

We excluded calls that were not likely to be associated with concerns about child safety, such as those classified as Department of Licensing Resources, Information Only, Home Study, and Family Voluntary Service.

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