Reports by Prior Reports (Rate)

Per 1,000 Households with Zero, One, or Two Prior Reports

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Unit: Reports per 1,000 Households with Children

No Prior Reports


One Prior Report


Two Prior Reports



This graph shows the rate of reports of concern for child safety made to Children's Administration. All calls to the child welfare system - those made by community members and those made by mandated reporters - were counted. (See Notes below for how we determined which calls regarded child safety concerns.)

Questions this graph can answer

  • How has the risk that a household will be reported to Children's Administration for a CPS investigation or other services changed based on a history of prior reports?

See also

  • Screening Rate, for the rate at which child safety reports were screened-in for services.


Reports were only counted if there had been more than 48 hours since the previous report about the same household.

We excluded any calls that were classed as Department of Licensing Resources (DLR). We also excluded a handful of other rare categories that are not usually associated with safety concerns including Information Only, Home Study, and Family Voluntary Service.

The rate of the reports with no (zero) prior reports was calculated by dividing the number of households with a first report in a given month by the number of households who had no prior reports at the start of the month.

The rate of the reports with one prior report was calculated by dividing those households experiencing a second report in a given month by the number of households who had exactly one report prior to the start of the month. This approach continues similarly for additional prior reports.

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